Benefits of Soil Management for Farming Systems June 6, 2017 Field Training Event Audio Summaries Recorded for June 12, 2017 Ag Report Radio Program with KMJ 580's Don York

Jun 14, 2017

Two summary interviews of CASI's Jeff Mitchell by local Fresno, CA KMJ 580 AM Radio Producer Don York are available below. The two short files capture three of the major outcomes and benefits of soil management that were discussed at the June 6th soil health training that was held at the University of California's West Side Research and Extension Center in Five Points, CA.

Anyone who would like to visit the long-term study site in Five Points where reduced disturbance and cover crop production practices have been in use for 18 years is encouraged to contact UC's Jeff Mitchell at (559) 303-9689 or to arrange a tour of the field site.

Please click on the links below to hear these interviews.