Take a time-in at the Mindfulness Retreat

Sep 23, 2019

Take a time-in at the Mindfulness Retreat

Sep 23, 2019

REPOST - updated 9/23/2019

We asked teens who attended the 2017 Mindfulness Retreat: "What were the highlights of the Mindfulness Retreat for you? What did you learn from the retreat that would be useful for teens?"

Jada: The mindfulness retreat was refreshing for me to be able to worry about nothing but the present. I loved the morning yoga and and making collages. This weekend reminded me that I should stop and take a total break from everything more often, and that I don't have to constantly be accomplishing something. I learned that visualizing things, like the glitter in a moody jar, when I meditate or practice mindfulness helps me to focus.


TJ: Given the opportunity to focus on myself and the present for a weekend with no worries about the future was an amazing experience. I spent time learning more about myself, learning about others, and learning mindful tools to help me get through my everyday life. From meditating on the beach, tons of arts and crafts, hilarious skits, and meeting new friends, it was an experience I will remember for a very long time!


Rose: The mindfulness retreat was an enlightening experience that impacted me in so many ways. With all my college applications due, I've been extremely busy and extremely stressed. The retreat really opened my eyes to the impact that stress can make on my social, mental and emotional health. I was able to leave the retreat with mindfulness strategies that I now use to help me relieve stress, such as collaging, deep breathing, and journaling.


Addy: The mindfulness retreat was a great weekend for stressed teens and adults. It gave everyone some time to step back and live in the moment instead of being obsessed with future plans and responsibilities. The retreat provided everyone with helpful tools that will keep you on track, and keep your stress levels down. This retreat really opened my eyes to what meditation and mindful breathing is capable of and I now use these techniques as a daily stress reliever. This was an unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend people of all ages.



Join us this year!

Teens 13-19 and adults are invited to spend the weekend at beautiful Camp Ocean Pines developing their health and well-being. Participants will not only increase their personal skills in leading a healthy lifestyle, but will also gain skills needed to be a health advocate in their communities. The retreat will focus on stress management, relationship building, nutrition, and a general understanding of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Retreat 

November 1-3, 2019

Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, CA

A 4-H Healthy Living Program for youth age 13-19 and adults

Register online - Deadline is October 1, 2019

See our Event Calendar posting for more information.


By Jada Ho
By TJ Suit
By Rose Fiorenza
By Addyson Rubin
By Suzanne Morikawa
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