Gaudin and Light will serve on the Western Cover Crop Council on behalf of California!

Aug 12, 2019

August 10, 2019

Drs. Amelie Gaudin (UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences) and Sarah Light (UC ANR Sutter County) have stepped up and will serve as California representatives on the newly-forming Western Cover Crops Council, a group from the 18 western states that is trying to gear up information development and exchange activities throughout the broad region.  Gaudin is a Professor of Agroecology at UC Davis and Light is an Agronomy Advisor with UC ANR in Sutter County.  Both are currently conducting broad and comprehensive cover crop research work.  Gaudin specializes in permanent cropping systems with a strong emphasis on almonds and Light works in annual cropping systems.  The mission of the WCCC is to facilitate and enhance communication and collaboration among farmers/growers, agents, researchers, and other agricultural professionals to transfer information and technology that promotes the successful adoption and integration of cover cropping into Western U.S. agricultural systems.   The WCCC Planning Team currently consists of about sixteen member representing several western states.  They meet about monthly via televideo conference call and are now in the process of creating goal statements and means for better linking educational activities about cover crops throughout the region.  We applaud Gaudin and Light for stepping up to be California's communicators with this group!