Tuolumne County 4-H Ambassador impresses Board of Supervisors

Oct 7, 2019

On Tuesday October 1st, 4-H Member Belle, Tuolumne County 4-H Ambassador, and Rosemary Giannini, 4-H Community Education Specialist, made a presentation to the Tuolumne Board of Supervisors requesting October 5-12 be proclaimed 4-H Week in Tuolumne County.


Rosemary began by citing the research which show 4-H members are four times more likely to make contributions to their communities, two times more likely to participate in science programs during out-of-school time, and nearly two times more likely to make healthy choices.

Impact statistics for 4-H: 4x more likely to make contributions to the community, 2x more likely to participate in science programs; 2x more likely to make healthy choices.


Then Belle came to podium to talk about her involvement in 4-H and the impact it has had on her life. The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors have historically been a vocal advocate for our program and this time was no different. The four members in attendance that day all had special comments to share about 4-H.



Supervisor Sherri Brennan, District 1, was wearing a 4-H pin on her lapel. She was the first to speak:

“The program is a success because of the committed volunteers that support it. We need to acknowledge and thank them!” ~Supervisor Sherri Brennan, District 1


“I was a judge at a 4-H event this year. To see 6, 10, & 16 year-olds that are more intelligent & better spoken than I am and I was there to judge them. I thought, "I'm not qualified to judge this!” A bit of humor, a bit of truth by Supervisor Ryan Campbell, District 2, “Thank you to the organizers of 4-H. You're building the leaders that will be taking the reins in our community down the road.”


“You want my chair?” Board Chair, Supervisor Karl Rodefer, District 5 joked in response to Belle's account of how 4-H has helped her grow as a leader. They were pretty impressed with her public speaking skills.

When Supervisor Daniel Anaiah Kirk, District 3 asked Belle what she wanted to be when she grew up (answer-nursing) he said: “Well you're on the track to do whatever you want because you're very well spoken. 4-H prepares young people for success.”

Supervisor Kirk also shared how he was in 4-H as a youth and has good memories of his experience. He is looking forward to enrolling his kids in 4-H "because of the life skills that it will give to them."


“You're really a class act. If you're the poster person for 4-H, I think 4-H is very well represented.” Board Chair, Supervisor Karl Rodefer, District 5.


"4-H develops the next generation of leaders for this county, this state, and this nation.”

~Board Chair, Supervisor Karl Rodefer, District 5


The measure to proclaim October 5 - 12 as National 4-H Week in Tuolumne County passed unanimously.