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DIY Food Preservation Series - Hot Water Bath Canning
Contact: smsfpreservers@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: San Mateo & San Francisco Counties

Do you want to learn how to make jam, jelly, and preserves? Then join us for a 2-part class all about hot water bath canning. You'll learn from Master Food Preservers, Zoe Kersteen-Tucker, and Denise Phillips.

In the first session, we’ll cover the techniques and tools needed to safely preserve nature’s bounty at home. In the second session, we’ll put those skills to use and show how to make a jam and a pepper jelly, as well as a preserved fruit. We'll provide recipes and there will be plenty of time for questions via Chat. The first session is in April and the second session is in July. Once you’ve taken part in this two-part class, you’ll never go back to store-bought again!


Or visit the San Mateo County Library sponsored information page here