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Margaret Gullette Lloyd

Small Farms Advisor
Woodland Administrative Office
70 Cottonwood St
Woodland, CA 95695
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Also in:
Yolo County
Capitol Corridor MCP


Margaret received her PhD from UC Davis in Plant Pathology, 2015.  Under the guidance of Tom Gordon, she researched non-chemical alternatives to soilborne disease management in strawberries.  She focused on three main topics: the role of legume rotation crops in Verticiliium dahliae management, the effect of 4 different composts on strawberry production, and a social study understanding the level of adoption of soilborne disease management tools among practitioners. She also received a masters in International Agricultural Development and Plant Pathology from UC Davis.  While at UC Davis, she established the Salad Bowl Garden, and edible garden at the entrance to the Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES) building on the main campus.


Her first agricultural job was as a farm hand on a vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was such an inspiration that she changed her course of work towards agriculture.  After completing her undergraduate degree from Tufts University, she worked on a mixed vegetable farm in Hawaii for 9 months and then returned to start an apprenticeship with John Jeavons in Willits, CA.  For two years, lived and studied in on the research farm and the 5-acre mixed vegetable farm. Seeing opportunity for Biointensive practices in the urban and suburban landscapes, she started a small Bay Area business called Home Farming International which provided workshops and one-on-one training in closed-system, complete diet farming. 


Margaret's hobbies include her dairy goats, laying chickens and small garden.


PhD Plant Pathology, UC Davis. 2015
MS Plant Pathology, UC Davis. 2015
BA International Relations and Environmental Science, Tufts University. 2015
MS International Agricultural Development, UC Davis. 2011



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