EFNEP + MFP's Collaborate

EFNEP & MFP's Collaborate


Expanding food literacy through community partnerships

On November 27th, EFNEP program participants received a special 10th lesson in household food resource management! Between September and November, EFNEP educator, Carolina Guerrero worked with with an organization called Mind, Body, Moms delivering a 9-part series on nutrition education, household food resource management, food safety, and physical activity. To celebrate the participants’ completion of the EFNEP series, we invited Master Food Preserver (MFP) volunteer Kasey Galang to share her knowledge on safe home food preservation with the participants. The MFP program provides up-to-date, research-based food safety and preservation information to the public. In this special class, Kasey walked EFNEP participants through the steps of proper handwashing and presented information on home food freezing methods and how to safely dehydrate fruit and vegetables using a regular oven (complete with samples of dehydrated fruits and vegetables, of course!). By the end of the class, the participants not only gained knowledge in nutrition, they also went home with practical tips for using up fresh produce at home and reducing household food waste!  We are working on scheduling more MFP-led classes like this one for other adult nutrition education program participants.

EFNEP Program Graduates - Fall 2018 - w/MFP Kasey G.
EFNEP Program Graduates - Fall 2018 - w/MFP Kasey G.