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4-H Summer Camp

We had another fun and successful 4-H Summer Camp! The camp was once again held at YMCA Camp Jones Gulch from July 14-19, 2019. Of the 117 youth, 25 participated as the teen camp staff. They worked many hours starting in December 2018 with planning. This helped them continue to build their leadership skills with many of the teen staff commenting that they are more comfortable talking in public and to adults. The youth were not the only ones who made the camp a success; 4-H highly promotes a youth-adult partnership. We couldn’t have had this camp without the 15 adult volunteers chaperoning and guiding the teen staff in running and planning all of the activities.
4-H campers spent their time with nature — no cell phones or internet! Campers were able to pick both organized and group activities to do during the day such as swimming, boating, archery, arts & crafts, hiking, and rock tower climbing. During the evenings, the campers were able to enjoy a movie, night hike and a dance. Lifelong friends and memories are the highlights that our 4-H campers have reiterated over the years in their completed surveys after camp.