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EFNEP Partners with Fresh Approach

In Spring 2019, the Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP) in San Mateo County and Fresh Approach (a local community organization) partnered at the Sheriff’s Activities League in Redwood City.
Collaborating on a grant, the 2 programs were able to receive funding so that participants attending the series of 8 EFNEP classes would receive Farmers’ Market vouchers, plus a bonus cooking class with Fresh Approach on the 9th session. For each EFNEP class attended, participants received $30 worth of Farmers’ Markets vouchers. To try to increase voucher redemption, a friendly competition was started where participants sent pictures of themselves with what they purchased at the Farmers' Market. The goal was for participants to try something new. The parent with the most pictures at the end of the series was declared the winner (received donated bag and coasters).
EFNEP and Fresh Approach
The EFNEP Nutrition Educator encouraged parents to look for vegetables and fruits they were not familiar with, so she could discuss the new produce items and tips on how to use and cook them. By popular demand, the parents requested that the last cooking class, given by Fresh Approach, focus on sautéing eggplant.
This partnership significantly increased EFNEP families’ access to healthful, local, and often new produce. With the EFNEP classes (including food demonstrations) and Fresh Approach’s cooking class, families gained practical cooking skills, as well as nutrition/health knowledge and hands-on activities to help change behavior.