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4-H Program Highlights

Safely Holding Project Meetings
Belmont 4-H Club Bakers at Work
Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread (yum!)
While a majority of the projects in our San Mateo County 4-H program are being conducted virtually during this pandemic, we are holding some in-person project meetings outside with restrictions (i.e., hiking and dog showmanship). In-person meetings are limited to a maximum of ten people with each participant required to take a health screening survey and log their attendance for contact tracing. Face masks are worn at all times and six feet social distancing are required.
Belmont 4-H Club Baking & Breadmaking Mom
Belmont 4-H Club Baking & Breadmaking Mom
Belmont 4-H Club Baking and Breadmaking  project is an example of how one of our dedicated, volunteer project leaders, Veronica Monaghan, conducted a fun and safe outdoor meeting in early November when San Mateo County was still in the Tier 2 status! The 4-H’ers brought their own supplies and made cinnamon swirl quick bread dough outside while one person managed the baking indoors. They also prepared a pie dough, filling it with apples and covering it with a lattice top using strips of dough and/or twisted strips of dough using cinnamon sugar. The unfinished pies were then brought home to bake and enjoy. Everyone had a great time and as Veronica said, “The group did an amazing job under the circumstances and it was truly a delight to see such smiling eyes!!”
Celebrating our 4-H Youth and Adult Volunteers!

4-H Awards Certificates
4-H Awards Certificates
Every year, we celebrate our accomplishments and host a social event with a light dinner and snacks followed by our award ceremony. This year, we weren’t able to have this in-person event, but we still wanted to recognize our youth who achieved star rankings, won medals for county and state record book competitions, Scholarship I and II recipients, and primary member participation. We also honored our volunteers with 5, 10, and 15 year service milestones. The event was hosted by our six County Ambassadors, Andrew, Anjali, Anna, Isabelle, Kruthi, and Samantha. They had fun trivia questions during the presentation. The certificates, pins and recognitions are now in the mail.