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December 2019

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Farewell 2019 - Hello 2020!
As we end another year here at the UC Cooperative Extension, we wish to thank all of our local partners and supporters as we briefly mention some of our accomplishments in 2019.
The dedicated volunteers in our three community-based programs – 4-H Youth DevelopmentUC Master Gardeners, and Master Food Preservers – have reached thousands of adults and youth through in-person contacts in the community to share their knowledge on positive youth development, sustainable gardening and home horticulture, and food safety and home food preservation. Through presentations and hands-on educational events, in demonstration gardens and at Elkus Ranch, and through locally-developed online tools, we have continued to make the current, cutting-edge academic research relevant and accessible to our local communities. Additionally, our programs have continued to successfully interconnect multiple academic disciplines to bring unique research-based information and best practices to our residents, such as our garden-based education programs with teens as teachers (the Healthy Living Ambassadors program), and our new stormwater pollution-prevention program delivered by our UC Master Gardeners in local home improvement stores. 
Our three local academic advisors have continued their applied research and outreach work in nutrition and healthy living, positive youth development and experiential education, and urban forestry and water management, and have shared their contributions in academic journals as well as in practical articles, presentations to community groups, and consultations with the local professionals who rely on the Cooperative Extension academics for locally-relevant, science-based solutions to challenging technical and policy issues. 
As the local link between the University of California and the community, we are honored to have helped make our Counties a bit more sustainable, as well as healthier (and perhaps happier!), and to enrich the lives of community residents of all ages! 
And we could not have done it without your help and support – it’s a cooperative effort, after all! 
Happy Holidays, and Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year!  
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