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CalFresh Healthy Living Celebrates National Food Day

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On October 24th UC CalFresh Healthy Living staff distributed tasty samples of locally grown Jonagold apples to enthusiastic students at Hoover Community and John F. Kennedy Elementary Schools so they could participate in the California Crunch during their lunch time. Created to help celebrate National Food Day, the California Crunch encourages healthy eating and local purchasing. The local apples were purchased as part of the two districts’ farm to school efforts, and 767 students across the two schools sampled the apples. For their participation, each student received a Crunch It Munch It sticker provided by Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Students were also offered the opportunity to vote on how much they liked the apples by placing their empty cup in one of three buckets labeled “Loved It,” “Liked It,” or “Not Today.” Students enjoyed participating and overwhelmingly loved the apples with 670 placing their empty cup in the “Loved It” buckets!