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Grow sourdough and contribute to science

The Dunn lab at NC State wants YOUR help with an enormous study they're conducting to understand how geography and flour type affect sourdough.
MFP Sourdough
Start a wild sourdough starter from scratch at home (it takes only a little more than 1 cup of flour, and you can use any kind!), make observations on its rising behavior, its sensory properties, and how it bakes, and send in your data to the Dunn Lab. You'll become part of an already-robust community they've founded around the science of sourdough. Find details on how to participate-- and even a teacher's guide to help you incorporate this activity into a science curriculum-- at their website.
Can't bear to throw away the sourdough starter that gets discarded when you refresh yours? King Arthur Flour has you covered with some fantastic recipes for making use of that discarded starter. Cut down on food waste and conserve flour in these days when flour can be hard to come by!