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Master Gardeners Answer Your Questions

Master Gardener Helpline operations continue during Shelter-in-Place!
The Bay Area “Shelter-In-Place” (SIP) which took effect March 17th, has created a new sense of normal keeping many of us at home 24/7. As a result, gardening and growing food has become more popular than ever!
Harvesting Artichokes
Our Master Gardener Helpline has seen an exponential increase in questions during this period from both new and established gardeners. Fortunately, our Helpline, which transitioned to a web-based platform several years ago, has been able to continue without interruption and work remotely during this SIP! It has been inspiring and fun to see so many new gardeners looking for advice and asking questions such as:
· How do I start a vegetable garden when I know nothing about gardening?
· What do I put in these raised beds?
· Can you help identify my houseplant(s) and how do I take care of it?
· Now that I have been sheltering-in-place and have ‘discovered’ my passion for gardening – I would like to become a Master Gardener! When is your next class?
Since the start of the “Shelter-In-Place” we have received 347 helpline questions (March 15th to May 26th). That is an average of 5 questions per day and a 45% increase over what we have seen in past years* during the same period (*data from 2015 to 2019).
The most popular topics we have received during this timeframe are:
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• 28% Vegetable Gardening
• 18% Fruit Trees
• 14% Plant Pests
• 10% House Plants
• 10% Landscape Trees
For more information and to contact the Helpline, visit Advice to Grow By – Ask a Master Gardener!