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MFP Pickling Class

MFP Pickler Presenter Recap
by MFP Maeve Knoth

"Standing at my kitchen island and facing a laptop precariously balanced on top of a stack of cardboard blocks, I taught  introductory pickling through the San Mateo County Public Library one Thursday afternoon in May,. This virtual class was part of an ongoing series coordinated by MFP Hima Sunkara. The library provided the zoom link, promotion, registration and follow-up, Hima managed the questions from attendees and I talked the audience through the basics of safely preserving vegetables with vinegar and salt. The workshop covered basic food science around pickling, necessary materials, processes, and approved recipes. Attendees were encouraged to try making a quick refrigerator pickle immediately upon hanging up from the seminar with whatever vegetable they had in their refrigerator. I approached teaching over zoom with some nervousness because as an experienced teacher I know I can engage an audience in person but I was less convinced about the efficacy of a remote seminar. Wow! I recommend all UCANR volunteers participate in distance learning outreach! The workshop was wildly popular with more than 240 signing in for at least some portion of the event from all over the Bay Area, the rest of California, and as far away as Nashville, TN, Honolulu, HI and Saskatoon, Canada. Feedback was positive and at the very least one participant made quick refrigerator pickles with the course materials because I received an email question several days after the workshop. While the pandemic has limited our in-person meetings, it has certainly expanded our reach well beyond San Francisco and San Mateo Counties."


Pencil in on your calendars:
  • Preserving Strawberries
    June 10th 4-5pm
  • Part Two of Hot Water Bath Canning - Jams and Jellies
    July 17th  2-3pm
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