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Food Preservation Resources


UC ANR Publications:

Safe Methods of Canning Vegetables 

Egg Basics for the Consumer: Packaging, Storage, and Nutritional Information (PDF 195K) - How to recognize freshness and quality in the eggs you buy for your home and family.

Olives: Safe Methods for Home Pickling (PDF 574 KB)

Pantry Pests: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape ( PDF 174k) - Stored-product pests are usually brought into the home in an infested package of food. The most common insects infesting food in the home are meal moths or pantry beetles.

Strawberries: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy (PDF 404 KB)

Tomatoes, Safe Methods to Store, Preserve and Enjoy (PDF 286 KB) 


National Center for Home Food Preservation

Ball Website list of Canning Classes

University of Georgia - Judging Home Preserved Foods

USDA Canning Guide: 

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Guide 01: Principles of Home Canning

Guide 02: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Fruit and Fruit Products

Guide 03: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

Guide 04: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Vegetables and Vegetable Products

Guide 05: Preparing and Canning Poultry, Red Meats, and Seafood

Guide 06: Preparing and Canning Fermented Food and Pickled Vegetables

Guide 07: Preparing and Canning Jams and Jellies

Pressure Canning Information:

Pressure Canners Canning Guide

Safe Use of Pressure Canners (PDF 147KB)

Pressure Gauge Testing Services:

Embarcadero Home Cannery
Web site:
2026 Livingston Street
Oakland, CA 94606
Phone: 510-535-2311
Dial gauges are tested for approximately $5 plus return postage. Individuals would remove the gauge and mail it to EHC. They will test it using their master gauge and return it with a report as to its accuracy and invoice. They sell new gauges for $21. Once mailed, EHC will return within a week.

Consumer Services Department
3925 N. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54703-2209
Phone: 1-800-877-0441 1 – 800-368-2194.
Web Address:

Presto will test Presto canners for no charge. Simply send gauge to them (prefer shipment by UPS; allow turn around time of more than two weeks, so plan ahead!)


The UC Cooperative Extension for San Mateo/San Francisco office is able to test your canning gauge. Office drop-ins welcome. 

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