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Food Preservation Basics

Join the UC Master Food Preservers for an opportunity to learn safe home food preserving methods. This session will focus on preserving the bounty of the summer garden. We will review safe freezing methods, pickling, and safe canning practices, along with examples of each. Come and discover the possibilities of home food preservation.



Food dehydration doesn't have to be dry! From fruit leathers to kale chips to preserved homegrown herbs, the UC Master Food Preservers will go over all you need to know to dehydrate foods at home. In this one-hour demonstration, we'll cover the basics of food preservation safety, and provide tips for creating delicious and creative recipes that will keep well on your pantry shelf or in your camping pack.



A perfectly tart and crispy lacto-fermented pickle is easier to make than you think! All it takes is a little patience and the help of some friendly microbes. Join the UCCE Master Food Preservers to learn how-- we'll go over the art and science of fermenting vegetables at home.


Jams and Jellies

Learn the secrets behind jams and jellies with the UC Master Food Preservers! Join us for an engaging demo featuring sugar, pectin, and your favorite fruits and vegetables. We'll cover safe preserving practices, tested recipes, frequent troubleshooting issues, and tips on making fruit and vegetable spreads that capture the happiness in a jar.