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What is Cooperative Extension?

Across California, the University of California's Cooperative Extension (UCCE) offices are local problem-solving centers. We are the bridge between local issues and the power of UC research. Our staff is part of the community - we live and work in the areas we serve.

More than 300 campus-based specialists and county-based farm, home, and youth advisors work as teams to bring the practical, unbiased, science-based answers to the issues we face across the state of California. As part of the agricultural communities, we promote healthy diets and exercise for better health, help Californians learn to choose the most nutritious foods and help shape the citizens of tomorrow through the 4-H Youth Development Program. And thousands of volunteers extend the reach of our work through the Master Gardener Program and the California 4-H Youth Development Program. 

UC Cooperative Extension has been serving San Mateo County since 1945 and San Francisco County since 1970. The San Mateo/San Francisco County UCCE office is unique with the addition of the Elkus Ranch Environmental Center, we teach thousands of school aged children in the San Francisco Bay Area environmental education in a rural setting, thus creating a sense of stewardship to the environment. 

Local Cooperative Extension services are provided our office location located at UC Elkus Ranch just south of Half Moon Bay.  Housed there are our program offices for 4-H, Agriculture, Urban Forestry, the Master Food Preserver, Master Gardener, and Nutrition Education Programs.  The site is also the home to Elkus Ranch Environmental Education and Conference Center, our outdoor education and conference facility.

We work in full partnership with federal, state, county and private resources.

We are stewards, problem-solvers, catalysts, collaborators and educators.

We are UC Cooperative Extension.