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Brian Woodward Ph.D.

Forest Advisor for Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties
UC Cooperative Extension Santa Cruz County
500 Westridge Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
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Also in:
Santa Clara County
San Mateo-San Francisco Counties


I am the Cooperative Extension Forest Advisor for Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties. I run a program of applied research and extension related to forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains guided by the needs of my community. I serve all forest managers, forest owners, and residents of my region seeking information related to forest management, forest health, forest ecology, and related topics.

I completed a PhD in Ecology from Colorado State University, where I studied the effects of mixed severity fire and other disturbances on coast redwood forest communities across California. I hold an MS in Forest Sciences where I studied spatial patterns and environmental factors contributing to bark beetle outbreaks. Previously, I have worked across western forest systems in roles related to ecology, forestry, conservation, and remote sensing.

Please reach out to me anytime with questions!


Ph.D. Ecology, Colorado State University. 2021
M.S. Forest Sciences, Colorado State University. 2017


Forest Management


forest ecology, fire ecology, prescribed fire, forest monitoring, coast redwood, forest regeneration, forest management, disturbance ecology, remote sensing


Peer Reviewed

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